Tablets: fad or future?

“Before 2010, we are not really clear about the concept of the computer tablet. Every computer manufacturer and software company in the world have their own definition of the ‘tablet’ which lead to the many different types of tablets engineered and produced by these companies. But none of them really sums up the general concept of the tablet, until the release of Apple’s iPad. The iPad was so successful that most IT companies were driven to create products that are similar to it in order to openly compete in the tablet market, finally solidifying the concept that embodies the ‘tablet’. Now, the tablet essentially allows a user to access information instantly, interact and share data from almost anywhere, onto the Web.”

“It seems to me that tablets have become a new category itself, just as how we distinguish smartphones from laptops and desktops. If you want to position tablets into this group, it probably falls between smartphones and laptops. With the portability of a smartphone but the functionality of a laptop, tablets seem to serve users with top-notch on-the-go entertainment. The tablet screen is large enough to enjoy a movie on, yet the tablets are light enough for you to carry around.”

“There’s a right tool for every task, and tablets are definitely something great to fiddle around with while on the move. Yet, this technology lives and dies according to public demand, which in turn, is determined by lifestyle trends. You can even say the rush for tablets may just be a passing fad. My stand? They are here to stay, simply because our culture is moving towards expecting information any time we want it. Smartphones did fulfil that purpose by allowing us to connect and access information everywhere we go, but they lack interactivity.”

“We want to do more than just accessing it now; we want it to interact with us. The solution: tablets.”

“Our need to organize and compute data propagated the feasibility of the computers. When convenient telecommunication became necessary for everyday activities, mobile phones (and eventually, smartphones) flourished. Now, the tablets are made popular by demand for more interactivity and portability to cater to a generation of on-the-move users. Who knows what new technology would emerge as our lifestyle continues changing with the times?”

I also think tablets are here to stay and play a big role in convenience for some peoples lifestyles. The ability to do almost anything on a tablet that a computer can do, with the added convenience of a lightweight carry-around device, means that tablet users can be connected online anytime and anywhere (provided there is signal). Resulting in increased interactivity and social communication online.

Tablet Computers: Fad or Future?. 2013. Tablet Computers: Fad or Future?. [ONLINE] Available at:


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