Using Pinterest as a marketing tool

“Photo-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are at the forefront of a new wave of social networks which showcase beautiful images uploaded by artists, brands and the public. Marketers are using the sites to drive “social shopping” and inspire people to collect and share pictures of their favourite products.

Fashion chain Topshop collaborated with pinboard site Pinterest in November to encourage shoppers to pin their favourite products – that’s the equivalent of clicking Like on Facebook – from the retailer’s website on to their own Pinterest pages, which are known as “boards”. This helped shoppers create personalised Pinterest Christmas gift guides. The most pinned products were featured on the Topshop homepage and shoppers could enter their Christmas-themed Pinterest boards into a competition to win prizes at the store.”

“The chain also installed giant touchscreens in flagship stores in London and the US so shoppers could see the most popular pins. Popular items on display had swing tags attached stating that they were most pinned products.

Topshop’s global marketing and communications director Sheena Sauvaire says the campaign aimed to get people to collect gift ideas and share them with family and friends in an attempt to create a “social shopping” platform. This is a much-touted development in retail where people will increasingly use social media to help them choose what to buy.

She believes Pinterest’s appeal to a young, female audience is a good fit with Topshop’s customers.”

“It is so visual and that is the beauty of it. We also have a lot of engagement on Instagram, it has been a really popular channel for us. The visual channels are where we are seeing the greatest interest,” she says.”

“UK country manager for Pinterest Sarah Bush says the great attraction of the network is that it helps people plan what they want to achieve – from organising a holiday to cooking a meal. The three most pinned topics on the network are for pictures related to travel, party planning and fashion.”

“Brands may find that pictures speak louder than words when it comes to scoring a hit with social shoppers.”

Topshops marketing strategies to get into social shopping is great as they want consumers to be engaging with the brand, visually. It could be a good opportunity for StyleRut to team up with Topshop to promote certain products or create a brand profile for Topshop.

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