Polyvore and Pinterest board influence.

This blog post is how to use pinterest and polyvore together to create a moodboard. But what I found interesting was her thought process on these moodboards.

“I believe if you can create “moodboards” where you put a whole look together – be it for fashion, interiors, kitchen accessories – more people will be inclined to buy more than one item.

Look at the fashion moodboard pin below – not only does it suggest walking through fallen leaves on a crisp winter’s day, I’m also imagining the comfort of wearing cosy, “smart casual” jeans, cardigan and scarf, snuggling up in front of an open fire after Christmas lunch and watching the Downton Abbey special.

The image and the description work well to create that connotation in my mind and would encourage me to buy more of that outfit.  See how many repins it has achieved, that is bound to have delivered good traffic to the website.”

The moodboard the blogger writes about.

The way the blogger writes about what she thinks when she sees just an outfit, and how picturesque it can be, is interesting because she’s imaging her in that outfit in a scenario. As an example for my website ‘StyleRut,’ if someone asks for advice on what to wear for a special occasion, their going to be imaging themselves at that event in the suggested outfits. If they like an outfit they see, this results in a sale.

Increasing Sales – How To Use Polyvore and Pinterest Together – Write On Track | Write On Track. 2013. Increasing Sales – How To Use Polyvore and Pinterest Together – Write On Track | Write On Track. [ONLINE] Available at:http://www.writeontrack.ie/blogs/increasing-sales-how-to-use-polyvore-and-pinterest-together/.


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