Boddie Smartwatch.

“As we continue to grow more and more attached to technology, the weight of social relationships and ever-connectedness builds with it. While we all seem to subconsciously know the downside of this lopsided relationship, few of us do anything to address it. But Polish start-up Rearden Technology aims to, with the Boddie Smartwatch, launching today through crowd-funding site Indiegogo. The slender device wirelessly tethers to your phone so you can leave it at home to give access to music, texts, phone, email, calendars and social media while also offering a balance with the ability to disconnect entirely, rendering the smartwatch just a watch.”

With tablets and smartphones offering consumers a quick and easy option to check social media and browse or shop online, a smartwatch offers another option when checking social media. Facebook is the leading social media website for driving the most traffic (see here). If people are checking their social media on a new, easy piece of technology, it is another chance for driving more traffic to online shopping. 

Boddie Smartwatch – Cool Hunting. 2013. Boddie Smartwatch – Cool Hunting. [ONLINE] Available at:


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