Social Media driving purchases.

“As more consumers turn to online shopping, social networks continue to play a huge part in driving purchasing decisions. Some social networks are more apt at telling the purchasing power of their members, and Pinterest appears to be the king of all social networks in that regard.”
“Social networking, particularly Pinterest and Facebook, continue to be popular on mobile devices, particularly tablets, where a good chunk of online spending was done on Black Friday. Mobile traffic accounted for 39.7% of all online traffic on Black Friday, up 34% year-over-year. Even more importantly is the sales figures, with mobile sales accounting for 21.8% of all online sales, up 43% year over year. Tablets, in particular Apple’s iPad, remained supreme.”

“Pinterest is incredibly valuable to companies and their sales. One pin at a time.”

Consumers use social networks as a browsing tool for online shopping inspiration and they may possibly be doing so for fun. When they’re on these websites they’re always discovering things that they may want to purchase or add to their wishlist, which means that sales are constantly being driven.

Why Pinterest Is Better Than Facebook For Online Shopping – 2013. Why Pinterest Is Better Than Facebook For Online Shopping – [ONLINE] Available at:


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