Online Shopping – why?

“Once online shoppers get the bug, they’re hooked. Seventy percent of more than 3,000 online shoppers surveyed in February say they prefer to shop their favorite retailer online, according to a study commissioned by United Parcel Service Inc.”

“Half the smartphone owners in the group and nearly 60% of the tablet owners use those devices to make purchases. Rather than fret about privacy, a majority (60% who had the technological capability), said they wanted to receive retail deals and promotions on the phones and tablets, based on their location or transaction history.”

“For instance: while customer satisfaction with online shopping generally was high—83% overall—the lowest satisfaction scores had to do with factors related to shipping and delivery. Flexibility to choose a delivery date; to choose a delivery time; to reroute a package or to choose an environmentally friendly shipping option—ranked last in satisfaction when shoppers were asked to rate different aspects of the online shopping experience. Online shoppers want more choices, according to the survey.”

The ability for shoppers to buy and browse online almost anywhere with a table or smartphone and at any time makes it much easier and is less time consuming than going to a shopping centre or high street. Extra convenience such as free shipping or online deals and promotions entice consumers more and more.

More Consumers Prefer Online Shopping – 2013. More Consumers Prefer Online Shopping – [ONLINE] Available at:


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