My idea is a social shopping website, with the general concept being people can create an online profile and ask or receive fashion and style advice.

“Stuck in a rut.” > Fashion/Style troubles > ‘StyleRut.com

(Lookbook.nu x Polyvore x Facebook = StyleRut)

Including contributors on the website, such as bloggers and stylists, ensures members are getting an opinion from someone with fashion knowledge. Direct links to the clothing and accessory sites ensure consumers can shop easily from a range of brands.

The unique selling point for my concept, is that users of the website are getting tailored advice and suggestions to their wants and needs. Be it clothing that suits their body shape or an outfit for a special occasion. Catering to someones needs can be easy within a high street shop environment due to the sales assistants knowledge, but online it can be much more difficult.

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 22.25.15


(This blog is for a university project. Credit for articles and images are referenced at the end of each post.)


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